Make Informed End-of-Life Decisions

There may be a time when you are no longer mentally alert or physically able to care for yourself and your loved ones. As an Elder Law attorney, I can help you understand what might happen so that you can make informed decisions about your end-of-life care that reflect your wishes and values.

My end-of-life planning services include:

  • Drafting an Advance Health Care Directive to appoint someone to make health care decisions for you if you can’t
  • Drafting a Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Management to appoint someone to manage your finances if you can’t
  • Helping you choose your healthcare agent or successor trustee – who in your network of family members or friends might be the best choice
  • Helping you decide whether you should hire a medical consultant or advocate to help you get the healthcare and day-to-day support that you need

As an Elder Law attorney, I often help my clients consider their choices for end-of-life care. I also frequently speak to community groups about Advance Health Care Directives and other end-of-life decisions. Please call me to discuss your particular situation.

End-of-Life Planning Fees

I provide end-of-life planning services on a project or hourly basis. The hourly rate is $300.