California’s New Transfer on Death Deeds

Effective January 1, 2016, California homeowners will be able sign a “revocable transfer-on-death deed,” which will leave the property to the named beneficiaries without having to go through probate. Homeowners can simply sign a Simple Revocable Transfer on Death Deed, naming one or more beneficiaries. The document must be notarized and recorded with the county within 60 days. The new deed will be most suitable for single people, including widows and widowers. One note of caution, however. This will make it much easier for predators to convince an elderly person to transfer the home to them upon death. If this happens, the family can go to court and seek a remedy after Mom or Dad dies, but, really, that’s never a good option.

Kathleen Pender of the San Francisco Chronicle posted an excellent article about this topic. You can read it here:

The San Bernardino County website has posted a revocable transfer-on-death deed” form here:
Revocable Transfer on Death Deed